Product Series
  UBL Fabric (8)
  Apparel Fabric (11)
  Hook and Loop (3)
  Kevlar Fabric (4)
  Cut Resistant Fabric (8)
  Stretch Fabric/ Spandex (12)
  Functional Foam (8)
  Protection & Supports products (6)
  Anti Slip Leather Fabric (8)
    No. 7, Alley 1, Long Shin,
    Fushang Lane, Situn District,
    Taichung City 40743, Taiwan
    Product Detail

Main Category: Functional Foam
Model: Foam
Product Name: Activfoam/Magicfoam/Fabricfoam
Origin: Taiwan
Business Type: Export, manufacture
Target Market: Europe and America, Asia and the world.
   Product Infomation
Product Name: Activfoam, Fabrifoam, Foam, Magic foam, Magicfoam

• Thickness Adjustable & Customizable.
•Collocate brushed fabric, (loop fabric fastener)
  ---Hook fastener (Hook tape) Receptive – Easy On & Off.
•Also can collocate various fabrics for different application solutions.
•Activfoam offers a line of soft bracing devices wraps and straps for musculoskeletal care.
•Eco-friendly, Comfortable, Washable, Durable, Latex-Free & Neoprene-Free.
•The thinner one can be used in wrapping thumb and Wrist to provides compression.
•The thicker one can be used in wrapping the legs and waist to provides compression.
•Widely used in: Bracing, Repositioning, Pain Remediation, Preventive Care.