Product Series
  UBL Fabric (8)
  Apparel Fabric (11)
  Hook and Loop (3)
  Kevlar Fabric (4)
  Cut Resistant Fabric (8)
  Stretch Fabric/ Spandex (12)
  Functional Foam (8)
  Protection & Supports products (6)
  Mask (2)
    No. 7, Alley 1, Long Shin,
    Fushang Lane, Situn District,
    Taichung City 40743, Taiwan
     News Title     Date
Business Information Verification by TUV [2016-11-08]
Limited time offer (at a sale)--UBL-2 way stertch fabric [2017-12-07]
Sell sample--abrasion resistant fabric by yardage: min. qty 1 yard. [2017-11-21]
Hook and Loop Fastener materials Video Introduction [2017-09-11]
Abrasion resistant fabric/ Kevlar fabric--Limited time special offer [2016-11-11]
Neoprene skin sheet/ Neoprene tops --Limited time special offer [2016-11-11]