Product Series
  UBL Fabric (8)
  Apparel Fabric (11)
  Hook and Loop (3)
  Kevlar Fabric (4)
  Cut Resistant Fabric (8)
  Stretch Fabric/ Spandex (12)
  Functional Foam (8)
  Protection & Supports products (6)
  Anti Slip Leather Fabric (8)
    No. 7, Alley 1, Long Shin,
    Fushang Lane, Situn District,
    Taichung City 40743, Taiwan
     News Title     Date
Any materials inquiry, pls contact us directly [2022-12-14]
Limited time offer (at a sale)--UBL-2 way stertch fabric [2017-12-07]
Sell sample--abrasion resistant fabric by yardage: min. qty 1 yard. [2017-11-21]
Hook and Loop Fastener materials Video Introduction [2017-09-11]
Abrasion resistant fabric/ Kevlar fabric--Limited time special offer [2016-11-11]
Neoprene skin sheet/ Neoprene tops --Limited time special offer [2016-11-11]
Business Information Verification by TUV [2016-11-08]