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    No. 7, Alley 1, Long Shin,
    Fushang Lane, Situn District,
    Taichung City 40743, Taiwan
    Product Detail

Main Category: Mask
Model: 401
Product Name: 3D Cloth Mask
Origin: Taiwan
Business Type: Export, manufacture
Target Market: Worldwide
   Product Infomation

Product Name: Plain 3-Ply Cloth Mask,high quality material, 3D masks

Materilas: Cotton/Filter/Cotton
Original: Taiwan

Surface layer (outermost layer):
It is made of hydrophobic material, which limited the external droplets (including water, saliva and non-oily substance) to penetrate through the mask. Effectively prevent user’s mouth, nose and skin from contamination, carrying out the first layer of protection.

Filter layer (middle layer):
With special electrostatic treatment, it can effectively adsorb and block bacteria, dust and allergen particles .

Skin-friendly layer: (the innermost layer)
Hydrophilic material can absorb excess internal moisture and oil, remaining the comfort and breathability while wearing a mask.
The inner layer of the mask is smooth and not easy to fluff even wearing the mask for a long time. It will not cause irritation with contact or friction, which protect/prevent people with sensitive skin from allergies.

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