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    No. 7, Alley 1, Long Shin,
    Fushang Lane, Situn District,
    Taichung City 40743, Taiwan
    Product Detail

Main Category: Mask
Model: 401
Product Name: Cloth Mask
Origin: Taiwan
Business Type: Export, manufacture
Target Market: Worldwide
   Product Infomation
Product Name: Plain 3-Ply Cloth Mask,high quality material, 3D masks
Materilas: Cotton/Filter/Cotton
Made in Taiwan

Surface layer (outermost layer):
Use water-repellent cotton fabric, the property of which is able to effectively block and prevent water droplets, saliva droplets and non-oily liquid substances from penetrating into the mask, preventing the user's mouth, nose and skin from contacting liquid substances with risk of infection , Carry out the first layer of protection. 

Filter layer (middle layer):
With special electrostatic treatment, it can effectively adsorb and block bacteria, dust and allergen particles .

Skin-friendly layer: (the innermost layer)
The hydrophilic property can spread out the moisture generated when we wear a mask to breathe and talk, as well as the absorption of grease and sweat on the face, and it will not condense into water droplets and cause discomfort when wearing.
The inner layer of the mask is smooth and not easy to fluff when wearing the mask for a long time. It also will not cause the contact and friction with the face, to prevent people with sensitive faces from face allergies.

Keywords: Mask, non woven, medical, Health, Covid-19, Coronavirus